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helpingBenefits of working with me

Karen came to see me because she was overweight and had recently had a health scare. In the past she had tried various therapists including a referral from her GP to a specialised councillor, nothing had worked. After Karen filled me in on what her goals where and her past fight with her weight, I set her on a tailored made programme. Karen began to lose small steady amounts of fat, she also increased her fitness levels meaning she was able to increase her general activity throughout the day without it draining her energy levels.  Karen’s biggest highlight though came 6 months later when she quit her job and set up a dog walking business. Karen came to me to help her lose weight but found that through working as a team with me to change her body, her confidence grew and she was able to change parts of her life she was unhappy with.

Matt came to me initially as his wife had told him he needed to get back into shape or risk ill health. He had an operation due in 6 months to correct a malfunction on his heart and surgeons had informed him to lose 2 stone to give him the best chance of recovery. Working with Matt was great fun because he was involved teaching boxing at the same club as me years ago. Matt took on board the advice and support given to him through the academy and soon began to shed the pounds. Even his boxers came to cheer him on when the going got tough (payback time for them I’m sure, but all in good spirit). Matt achieved his goal but would tell you his biggest highlight was not only getting his wife to give up smoking but also to have her join in the sessions and allow them both to get health back on track, Matt also bought a caravan and this along with regular sessions keeps him on track.

Rachel attended my group personal training sessions to keep her fitness levels up, she worked hard and loved the way her body moulded into a firmer shape. Rachel told me a year later that when she came to my sessions she was at a real low point, she had found herself alone after a failed marriage and was out of the loop socially. Coming to the sessions allowed her to pick herself up, meet new friends and get back to feeling confident in her own self. Rachel would tell you her biggest highlight was nothing to do with her fitness but with finding herself.

There are many reasons my clients choose to come to my academy, however whatever that reason all have achieved much more than they expected. Happy, confident, better sleep, fresh determination, new opportunities, escaping negative patterns of behaviour. Lotus academy is much more than just getting fit.