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Lotus Fitness Academy fit camps are a completely unique way to lose weight and to improve overall health.  The sessions are designed to train all fitness levels and push you onto the next level safely and effectively. We use a combination of training equipment alongside the natural environment. This allows you to develop your own way of training yourself outside of camp sessions. The workouts are backed up with sports science and our Empowerment Coaches are able to guide you throughout to keep you motivated but to make sure training hard is still fun.Clients often find their results shoot through the roof with this kind of training and support.  Benefiting from being part of a friendly team and, enjoy the support network of like-minded individuals at each session.

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Fit Camp

DSC_2820The All You Can Eat Programme

Have you found that in the past you struggle to lose weight or when you have lost it, it soon piles back on again? Have you lost weight quickly but find that clothes still don’t fit as you would like or you struggle with stubborn fat around the middle? These are all signs that what you have been losing is weight not fat, a common trait of dieting and wonder pills/portions on the market. This course is not a diet but a lifestyle change, you will be guided through a serious of workouts, informative sessions and have your current diet analysed and tweaked by our specialists to suit your individual needs.The whole course is designed to maximise fat loss not weight loss by working on large muscle groups at high intensity with short rest periods, this will keep you burning fat at a higher rate for between 16-38 hours after each session. This backed up with science based meal plans that level out hormones that are responsible for storing or shedding fat, and tools such as shopping lists, top tips recipes and body progress mapping will give you the best chance to get your body back to the shape and health you deserve.Clients often comment on reduced symptoms of diseases such as thyroid, irritable bowel or even eradication of diabetes type 2. Although you will have to change your relationship with food, you will still be able to enjoy tasty enjoyable meals and the occasional cheat days. This course means you will need access to skype.

Please email for course start dates and costings.

Online Dietary Analysis

Fat loss is 80% diet 20% work out. Therefor getting your diet right is essential to your success.With so much conflicting advice out there on what we should and should not be eating, getting it right is extremely challenging.At present food regulations for healthy eating are very hazy, on top of this no one size will fit all. You and your body are unique, therefor and prescription for fat loss should also be unique.Online nutritional assessments are designed to help you with this by understanding specific goals. Through filling out an online food diary for a week, lotus fitness academy will analyse this to provide you with an eating plan that if adhered to will help you reach your goals.

Online Dietary Analysis

Group Personal Training

This is a great opportunity for those that are looking for a higher end training service but cannot afford one to one support. Sessions are made up of small groups of 4-6 individuals. Personal goals are set for each individual and monitored throughout every session; nutritional elements are included to give the best outcomes.  Lotus Fitness Academy prides itself with delivering knowledge as well as training throughout everything we do and here is no different, your trainer will be equipped to support your journey mentally, physically and emotionally to get you to achieve big.

Personal Training With Marita (Nutritional Specialist)

This method of training is the crown jewels of training, with one to one support throughout, personal goal setting whilst delivering you with constant one to one support throughout every session and devising specialised nutritional support throughout your time with us. Arming you with knowledge and power to get the best results possible with that personal touch.

Personal Training Starter Block

Personal Training

 Personal Training Basic Package

Personal Training Starter Block

Single Session

Lotus Power 30

This is a 30 minute strength session designed to maximise and improve your strength, The course has limited numbers due to the nature of the training.

You also get access to the private Facebook bud community

£30 a month

Lotus personal training plan

This is a personalised plan for you to take away and train for specific goals, If you have an event this is an excellent way to get race ready, you do however need to be self sufficient and able to work alone. You will be asked to report back at the end of each plan so we can move forward towards the end goal.

£30 a month

Private Facebook Bud Community

This is a private group on Facebook, each week we ask you to list your accountability to your goal alongside weekly tasks, recipes, and live workouts. You are also able to mingle with the other members and enjoy the support of the academy from an online perspective.

£8 a month

BabyBudz Course

Babybudz is a unique way to get fit and active after you have had a baby.

This exclusive course is designed around your busy schedule as a mum. It comprises of 1 face to face workout session per week along side an online training tool that includes:

  • Workout videos
  • Pilates videos
  • Videos that tackle specific problem areas
  • Recipe book
  • Learning material in three areas, exercise, nutrition and mindset specific to post natal needs.
  • Full dietary analysis
  • Support group with other mums
  • Live Facebook interaction from a qualified trainer
  • Full access through the week to a online qualified trainer

This course is designed to work around you and your family life whilst still having the social and interaction side of a face to face meeting.

If you would like more information on this course please get in touch HERE

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We also do training programmes for those who are signed up to events such as marathons and triathlons. please ask us for details.










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