About Me

12565452_879179555531817_469610530708736916_n “The lotus flower is a flower that grows in murky and dirty waters yet it blooms into a truly beautiful flower. I feel this symbol represents where a lot of people are when they come to me. They are either eating too many processed foods, not exercising or living with high stress levels.”

10 facts about myself

  • My party trick is a one handed cartwheel.
  • Every morning I write down 3 things that I am grateful for, it keeps me humble.
  • I surf.
  • I auditioned for Cadbury’s Milk Tray woman, got to the last stage and featured in national papers for challenging gender stereo types.
  • I have acted on stage with the likes of Suranne Jones, Lisa Riley and Anthony Cotton.
  • My eyes are green but sometimes change to a bluey/grey.
  • I share my house with two cats, one of which follows me on walks like a dog.
  • I crashed a road bike in 2015 at speeds of 30 + MPH, I ended up 360ing in the air after crossing a busy road and impaling myself on barbed wire, I was blessed to survive.
  • I own the FIT PRO (the governing body of fitness professionals) for 2015.
  • My star sign is Capricorn.

My Journey

Quite some time ago I was on a journey to becoming a fire fighter my life long dream, after passing all entry levels and due to start my initial training I was told funding had been cut and I would now have to wait till the next intake, I was devastated. I had trained hard and devoted so much of my time to be left hanging in limbo. Then I received a call from one of the contacts I had made through the fire station Mr Dillion aka Yoda. He was asking for a favour see my back ground was child protection and he was one of the fire fighters involved in running a boxing club for young kids who had lost their way, he was offering to train me as a boxer if in return I taught my skills to these kids in both getting them fit and supporting them emotionally, sat at my crossroad waiting for another recruitment drive to take place I agreed.

Funny how journeys can change dreams, the voluntary post turned into a career, Yoda a dear friend, and my knowledge and experience had lead me to specialise in nutrition. I had gone from my own murky waters to bloom just like the lotus flower itself, now it was time for me to start another journey the lotus fitness academy, helping others to bloom.