the lotus fitness academy

  • kettle bell hill

    swinging those kettles!

  • There’s no one big step to success.

    It's lots of little steps that make the academy budz achieve great results...

  • The Plank-e-Ater

  • Academy budz inspire…

    ...they don't give up, they make progress..

  • stairs to heaven

  • if it doesn’t challenge you doesn't change you

  • helping others achieve their dreams

    is how we achieve ours

  • Warning!

    ...we will make your workouts fun

  • Will it be easy? Nope.

    Will it be worth it? Yes!

  • Life begins… the end of your comfort zone..

  • Fitness – it’s in the mind

    step up, believe and you're so much closer to your goal

Welcome to Lotus Fitness Academy Services

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